Moderating and Publishing Students' MuseumBoxes

Students can not publish their work on the MuseumBox website. Only teachers can publish. Students must submit their work to a teacher who is then expected to review the MuseumBox to make sure that it is suitable for publication. Please remember that people of all ages and beliefs can see MuseumBoxes once they are pubished. Please take care not to cause offense!

Moderating student work

To moderate the work of a student you must first log in to the admin area  http://gas.services.e2bn.org/

If there are boxes created and submitted by your students (using the "Submit" function in the MuseumBox application) available for review then they will be shown under the "Documents" tab. "Documents" can be filtered using the coloured tabs.

To view a MuseumBox submitted by a students click on it in the table. Having reviewed the student's work you can approve, reject or delete it

  • Approve

If you approve a box it will go live on the MuseumBoxweb site. You may send a message to the user who created it if you choose.

  • Reject

If you reject a box it will be returned to the author, alongside any message you choose to enter. The author will be able to load the box and make changes, or do any further work on it. They can then re-submit it to you to review.

  • Delete

The box will be permanently deleted, the user will not be able to load the box

Please remember that any work you approve goes live onto the website here

http://creator.museumbox.e2bn.org/gallery so it is important to ensure it is suitable for publication.