Registration and Creating Student Accounts

Registering as a new school

If your school is not already registered you should register here:


Your details will be checked by an E2BN administrator, this may involve phoning your school so please make sure you provide your school's contact details. We will try to complete this process as quickly as possible but it does rely on your school details being correct. (Please allow a few days for this process to complete). You will receive an email notifying you when your account has been activated.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO STUDENTS, it allows them teacher access to moderate and PUBLISH student work!

To create student user accounts:

NB: Passwords must contain letters and numbers only and must be 6 characters or more. Do not load more than 100 students at a time. If you have more than 100 please upload separate csv files.

Watch the Video or follow the instructions below

Go to: http://gas.services.e2bn.org/ or click the link to the Teachers Administration page

Click the ‘Students' tabs and then click ‘Add students'

To create a single student account:

Click the ‘Add a single student' button and complete the required fields.

Click ‘Add Student' button

Note: display name will be displayed when work is published. The username must be unique to the system not just to your school. Consider giving your students an alias and /or include a number or the initials of your school to make sure the display name is unique.

Passwords must be six characters or more. Do not give students the same password.

To create accounts for lots of students

First create a .csv file (You can use Excel or any other spreadsheet programme that allows you to save your file as a .csv) with the fields shown in the example below. Max 100 students per CSV.

spreadsheet example

Before you save your file, delete the first row (the one with the field headings).


Click the ‘Students' tabs and then click ‘Add Students' button.

Click ‘Browse' and locate the .csv file on your computer. Select the file and click ‘Open' in. Click ‘Upload'.

A table will display the student information you have uploaded with two additional fields: one to show if the account information is valid and a second to display the reason if the account might not be valid.

If the accounts are all valid check that the application MuseumBox is ticked and then click ‘Add Students'.

Your students will now be able to log in and create and save their own MuseumBoxes.

(UK Federated Users Only- If you are a federated user and log in with your SWGfL Merlin or SEGfL user details, once your account has been activated your students will also be able to log in. You will not need to add students.)


Last updated on 24th October 2014 by Simon Bright